About Us

Business Overview

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. is one of the world leaders in enterprise Linux utility computing for building, managing and protecting information infrastructures. We help organizations to meet their system availability, application performance, data protection, storage and client management objectives. ShaoLin Microsystems offers the open, robust and reliable software products from desktop to data center for addressing critical business challenges, such as:

High Availability Clustering – ensure maximum system and application uptime, simplify server consolidation, and easily manage multiple servers and multiple applications across heterogeneous data center environments at a single point.

Server Load Management – optimize the performance, availability and security of applications to improve service level and user productivity for distributed enterprises.

Data Protection – maintain availability and integrity of critical data, provide rapid data recovery across sites for ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster, site failure or planned site migration.

Storage Optimization – multiply storage capacity, accelerate data access speed, and reduce server load and network traffic to help organizations to utilize storage resources.

Fit-client Network Computing – build data-less client infrastructure, centralize software, configuration and data management, provide remote system monitoring and help desk control, and deliver fully client-based computing for flexibility, scalability and performance.

ShaoLin Microsystems also provides professional services to assist our customers in architecting, implementing and maintaining their information infrastructure. In addition, ShaoLin Consulting Services are based on proven methods and best practices that leverage our breadth of experience and depth of certified resources.

Since founded in year 2000, ShaoLin Microsystems is a rapid-growing Asian software company which has technology foundation on storage, distributed computing, file system and Linux operating system. Our industry-leading products attract many customers from different regions and worldwide business partners who collaborate with us on a global basis. Moreover, our remarkable technological achievements have been recognized by winning the below significant awards.

Vision and Mission

Linux is no longer a niche phenomenon. This revolutionary open operating system had been adopted on information infrastructure by many commercial and government organizations already. With its openness, reliability, flexibility, scalability and performance, Linux continues to stand out as proven strategy for tremendous cost savings and achieving cross-platform computing and storage environments.

ShaoLin Microsystems believes that the Linux transition is being driven by the increasing robustness and manageability of Linux and the applications on it. With this vision, we focus to develop and market Linux-based storage, infrastructure and system management software for enterprises. Our state-of-the-art products allow users to have full command over the Linux operating system in robust information infrastructures.

ShaoLin Microsystems’s mission is to optimize our customers’ systems efficiency. We are committed to provide enterprises high quality software products that comply with open standards, cope with “on-demand” strategy, and deliver maximum stability. Our software solutions help organizations to increase their competitiveness and extracting the most business values from their open computing environments by simplifying infrastructure, enhancing system manageability, and maximizing data and application availability at the lowest total cost.