Siteground for E-Commerce?

The world of e-commerce is booming these days, and entrepreneurs all over the world are getting in on the action.

The internet, in general, has leveled the playing field more than anything else in human history when it comes to building a business, giving everyone the opportunity to build a truly global operation almost overnight while granting them access to prospects, leads, customers, and markets from all corners of the globe.

At the same time, getting your e-commerce platform up and running can be a bit of a tall task. This is especially true if you aren’t taking advantage of hosting that has set up and optimized specifically to run e-commerce technology and web tools.

Thankfully, with SiteGround as your web host, you won’t have to worry about any hassle or a headache when it comes time to establish your new e-commerce operation. You’ll be provided with all of the resources you need to hit the ground running, the technology you need to succeed today as well as a host of marketing and advertising solutions that give you a competitive advantage in the world of e-commerce these days.


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A quick breakdown of SiteGround web hosting solutions

Easily one of the most popular web hosts on the planet today, SiteGround has been around the block for quite a while and is responsible for powering hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world. With resources, data centers, and security teams at numerous locations across the planet, SiteGround can offer lightning-fast speed, reliability, and a 99.9% uptime to its customers all over the world.

Combine those benefits with a robust infrastructure, resources that can be scaled up or down to meet any clients needs, and a friendly pricing structure it becomes easy to see why so many people choose to take full advantage of everything that SiteGround has to offer.

Established in 2004 (operating out of a dorm room in the United States), SiteGround has grown into one of the bigger independently owned and operated web development companies with more than 400 employees around the world.

Data centers in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, in Singapore help this company offer fantastic resources to its small business customers, especially those that are serious about building and growing and e-commerce platform.

WordPress integration is effortless with SiteGround

Responsible for powering more than 75 million websites around the world – a good portion of them business related – WordPress is far and away the world’s most famous and most common Content Management System (CMS).

Designed specifically to help anyone and everyone (regardless of technical skills or lack thereof) create a well-designed and modern website in record time, WordPress is also open source and a number of companies and organizations around the world have established a variety of add-ons, plug-ins, themes, and complete overhauls of the code system to make e-commerce about as easy and as straightforward as possible.

The WordPress hosting available from SiteGround can be used in conjunction with CMS and e-commerce solutions to create a lightning fast, stable, reliable, and efficient system that also protects the personal and private information of your customers and clients.

The one-click installation allows you to get your site up and running in about 10 minutes or so without any technical wizardry behind the scenes, and auto updates will make sure that you are always running the safest and secure rest platform around.

PCI Compliance

Accepting credit cards or any kind of payment requires having a PCI compliant web host. It’s rare and expensive. Not with Siteground!

With their Gogeek plan, you get a CPI compliant web hosting plan. It means that their servers are running some extra security services that make sure you don’t get hacked. They also monior everything real time.

Most web hosts say the same thing, but it’s obvious it’s not true in their case. PCI compliance means a third-party has inspected and certified Siteground.

How fast is SiteGround hosting?

Speed is of the essence when you are serious about building a website designed for business these days. Your customers know that all of your competitors – ALL of your competitors – are always just a click or two away, and if your website doesn’t load fast enough, they aren’t going to waste any time clicking off of your site and on to one of theirs.

This is where having multiple data centers strategically located around the become such a huge advantage. Regardless of where you are based, and regardless of where your customers are based, everyone involved is going to be served a website with lightning-like speed.


The Varnish Cache and Memcached systems allow this platform to rock and roll faster than your traditional web hosts will ever be able to, and ALL data for websites are stored on SSD hard drives – providing for a 1000 times increase in speed over traditional hard drive options.

You’ll also be able to enjoy rock-solid stability and uptime, in large part thanks to the significant hardware investments that SiteGround has made over the last few years. SSD technology, in general, is a lot more secure and a lot more stable than your traditional hard drive technology ever could hope to be, providing you with reliable uptime and security that you won’t get anywhere else.

Fantastic customer support from SiteGround on a 24/7 basis

From time to time (no matter what) technology is going to go on the fritz, and you need to make sure that you have a customer service and technical support team working double overtime for you at your web host to protect you from these “ghosts in the machine.”

SiteGround offers fantastic customer service and support, providing you with an instant and always on hotline you can dial for 24/7 support – 100% free of charge and with no strings attached.

These special service agents are going to be able to help you with any issues you may be dealing with, and many of them are going to be able to resolve your issue within five minutes of your initial call. Compared to the industry average of about 20 minutes for a resolution, you’re looking at something extraordinary here!

Closing thoughts

You’ll have plenty of different options to pick and choose from when it comes time to select web hosting for your e-commerce platform.

However, if speed, security, stability, and customer service and support are vital to you – as well as the opportunity to deploy the perfect e-commerce platform for your specific operation – SiteGround is one of the top options you could ever hope to move forward with.